Buster Cupcakes

Buster Cupcakes
Buster and I are making all the cupcakes out of "Hello, Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, like Julie Powell did with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". We are open to gimmicks of any flavor!

Hey, nice cupcakes!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Tree

My cousins came to town so I figured what better time to make the family tree cupcakes! One good thing was that I was able to use all the flesh tone frosting from the babies a couple of weeks ago- don't worry, I meticulously check expiration dates! That Betty Crocker frosting is built to last!
The book had you create your own hair templates and then color them in with modeling chocolate that has to be microwaved for 5 seconds at a time until it reaches the right temperature- a task that looks pretty daunting- especially trying to get our hair right! Most everyone in mother's family has beautiful silky straight blond hair- except for me! Getting those squigly bangs right on myself was actually the hardest part of the hair. And I ended up looking like Loretta Lynn- which is I suppose better than looking like the lady on Market Street with the wings on her head who played the synthesizer in the 1990's- but I guess she looks a little like Lorretta Lynn, too. My mother turned out the to be the best likeness. What a windfall for my therapist! ;-)
Thanks so much to all the family across the country who sent pictures and memories of Grammy: what an amazing family she bore! 105 living blood relatives at last count! If you want to be represented in cupcakes- you'll have to come visit!
I wanted to show Roni how we're related- my grandmother is her grandmother's grandmother.
I think I have to do some research on those metalic dragees- non-toxic and edible but don't eat them? I remember putting them on angel sugar cookies for Christmas when I was a little girl. Lots of memories stirred up in making this cupcake family tree. I have to say painting the tree was a nice break: the materials didn't get too worked being out of the fridge for 15 minutes; I didn't have to wash my hands every second; it didn't matter if I sneezed on it; and I didn't have to worry about how it tasted!
Mr. Filmschool is playing fetch with Buster and working up an appetite for eating one of my family members....

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