Buster Cupcakes

Buster Cupcakes
Buster and I are making all the cupcakes out of "Hello, Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, like Julie Powell did with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". We are open to gimmicks of any flavor!

Hey, nice cupcakes!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eat More Grooms!

I surprised Mr. Filmschool with the wedding cupcakes for our anniversary! He was surprised! Since I couldn't get anyone to get married just so I could make them the wedding cupcakes...
Add your loved ones to the topper! Surprisingly this was not the most involved one of the recipes. That honor still goes to the Princesses! Although we were wondering if maybe you used the big gum drops instead of the spice drops for the dresses if it wouldn't be easier. Or fondant! The challenging bit of the wedding cupcakes was mainly hiding everything from Mr. Filmschool and breaking into the neighbor's kitchen to make the leaves. Well, I didn't break in, but I did have to cut leaves off her tree and paint them with chocolate in her kitchen. She had the brilliant idea of coating the leaves with shortening before painting them, so she let me use her organic vegan shortening, too. I am guessing butter might work as well. I had a brush but I used my fingers, I didn't break any of them until I started painting them later with the luster dust and the heat of my fingers melted them a little bit. But they were very impressive to the house environmental horticulturalist. I ate the groom, he was delicious. Mr. Filmschool ate the bride, it was really cute. Buster and Louie get lunch meat for posing, not cupcakes! I did the wreath, too. So we're all set with plenty of luster dust, mini dragees, white pearls and crystal beads if anyone else needs any wedding cupcakes! Could be good for showers, too! 37 down, 12 to go!

All Aboard, Aliens!

My friend has a band called "Sputnik" so I made him the Aliens for his birthday! Also his mom was scared of the Aliens so I had to make them. Don't let the neon green whipping, dripping, and dipping deter you from trying these, they are actually pretty simple. And I came up with the brilliant idea of putting another liner/cupcake cup on AFTER you whip, dip and drip to keep the frosting from getting all over the place. Of course I thought of this after I made some penguins for a five year old's birthday party- I bet that was a wee bit messy--- that black food coloring! I did carve a twinkie into the shape of a keyboard for the aliens and whipped, dipped and dripped it, and then added keys with white frosting- quite a hit! I did the starry night ones and planets with the same technique.
We also had a Muppet Sing-a-long for a big birthday- too bad I didn't get a chance to prop up the cupcakes with pieces of the espresso maker and take some serious pictures... At least I got one of the Swedish Chef, Mr. Filmschool's favorite, but then I ate him. Call me Chef! ;-) I found a recipe on the internet for super moist chocolate cake and it had no eggs in it- but it was super moist! All this egg drama has me even a little more cautious about the constant hand washing... What does the Swedish Chef say, "oshky boyshky..." I don't know why the photo is sideways. Louie just jumped on the keyboard to help me...