Buster Cupcakes

Buster Cupcakes
Buster and I are making all the cupcakes out of "Hello, Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, like Julie Powell did with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". We are open to gimmicks of any flavor!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Fool's Sugar-Free Chocolate Fluffernutter Cake

Being 'completely incapacitated' for seven weeks lying flat on my back watching "Food Network" did have an upside! I got A LOT of ideas for new cupcakes and cakes and other baked goods.... I actually invented a NEW cake, in the tradition of the Sachertorte and the Princess Cake- introducing: The April Fool's Sugar-Free Chocolate Fluffernutter Cake! Sweetened primarily with honey, this cake has FIVE different kinds of frosting, about a gallon of honey, at least one and half pounds of butter, and three different kinds of chocolate. In honor of and dedicated to my Grammy D. and all her descendants who love Fluffernutter Boston Cream Peanutbutter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwiches- here is a Fluffernutter sandwich made out of CHOCOLATE CAKE, covered in frosting AND ganache AND honey buttercream roses! With edible glitter!

We also made peanut butter cookies with marshmallow fluff- available to ship! AND best news of all, two of the three bichonoodles from Buster's Rescue found new homes and we got to visit them at our favorite dog park! We're keeping our fingers crossed that Marmalade gets better soon and finds a forever home, too!

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