Buster Cupcakes

Buster Cupcakes
Buster and I are making all the cupcakes out of "Hello, Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, like Julie Powell did with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". We are open to gimmicks of any flavor!

Hey, nice cupcakes!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


So we counted up again how many recipes are in Hello, Cupcake! and it isn't 50, but 49. AND we recounted how many recipes we've completed- it's now 28 so we only have 21 left to go! And we're sad about that because it means that we won't have to hunt for any more weird candy on the internet or search out dusty old cake decorating shops in Daly City because we already found them all! We also finished reading Julie&Julia and we are sad that we perhaps are not neurotic enough to be a memoirist even though we are pretty dang neurotic. Oh well.
Of course one of the horses had to be pink as that is an immutable law of cupcakes. Extra circus peanuts and extra cookie wafers make it so.
We did the Horses for which we sent away for the white circus peanuts many moons ago and have been saving the dried onions since Thanksgiving. A little more room in the cupcake cabinet! I did have a crazy dream about the speckle-y jelly beans which might make me neurotic enough for something...

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  1. what an inspirational baking project you have embarked on! i have never tried baking cupcakes before but now i must! the law of cupcakes compels me to bake a pink horse as well...